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Brand Interview with Mystic Myne

Shannon Schutte

TBB: How and when did Mystic Myne start? 

MM: I started Mystic Myne in 2016 as a wire-wrapped jewelry hobby. Basically, I had some free time one afternoon, and so I delved into the DIY realms of the interweb to see what type of creative mischief I could get into. That same day, my mom fell in love with my designs, took a few of them to work with her to see if others would be interested in my rings, and came home with a few 20 dollar bills in the morning after working the nightshift at the hospital. 

   Shocked, I invested that moola into purchasing more supplies that I then utilized to make more rings and then some flower crowns for fun. I was always so surprised when I would get more orders in as word spread that my little hobby had started to bloom into a real world small business. From there, I dabbled with creating crystal crowns and other jewelry, and well, the rest is history. 

TBB: Who makes up your company? Tell us about the Mystic Myne family. 

MM:  At the moment, I am the sole proprietor of Mystic Myne, however, the MM family is comprised of my two sisters (who act as my main photographers, MUA, models, and supporters), as well as my family and friends who have spread the word about my small biz, and of course, my client’s, collaborators, and fellow business owners who all mean the absolute world to me. 

    The MM family are those who truly have found a place of acceptance within my humble little Kingdom, and who have loved and believed in it as much as I have. I honestly am still shookth some days when I look back and see how far I’ve truly come. And it’s all because my little family has grown so much these past three years. The feeling of community and friendship is indescribable. 


TBB: Why did you choose the name "Mystic Myne," for your brand?

MM:   Okay, so funny story. My sister’s and I were interested in creating a business together, but we weren’t sure what type (this was a few years back, even before I had created my first wire-wrapped jewelry pieces). My second youngest sister, Bella, wanted to establish a lingerie line, which I was all for as the idea of working with her seemed like a lot of fun. We’ve always done so many activities and life events together, so creating this business as a partnership seemed only natural.

    Well, as we tried to come up with names for this brand of ours, the name Mystic Myne just sort of popped into my head. And when asked if she liked the name for the lingerie line, she thought it was good but not exactly the right fit, which I agreed. So instead, I took the name and utilized it for my wire-wrapped jewelry biz that had taken off a few weeks later. 

    Could you imagine how differently the Mystic Myne Kingdom would have looked today if it was a lingerie brand instead of a couture accessories business? I still think about that parallel universe sometimes and I wonder what three years of hard work in a different trade like that would have appeared like today.

TBB: What inspires you? 

MM:   EVERYTHING. But primarily, fantasy genre based themes and styles. I grew up with reading a lot of fairytales and books in general, so because of this, I have a very vivid imagination and am a visual learner. When I see something I’m reading in my mind’s eye, it’s so clear to me what is happening that sometimes I forget that what I’m reading and how I’m seeing it is unlike how any other person is visualizing the same scenarios. 

   I think having this perspective is unique when being inspired by the life experiences I see through my own eyes and the images I vividly imagine when reading. It makes coming up with my creations that much more exciting! 

TBB: You recently launched a rainbow jewelry collection, can you tell us about that?

MM:   Yes! The Reignbow Collection is definitely something I’ve been working hard towards completing. It involves the seven different colors of the rainbow, the seven chakras, numerology, metaphysical and spiritual properties, and of course, a foundation in the general belief that crystals can and are meant to help heal the kind, body, and soul. 

    Ironically, the idea of working with the colors of the rainbow initially started from the fact that I was seeing them EVERYWHERE. Come to find out, in Celtic mythology, it is believed that if a pregnant woman (as I am now) keeps seeing rainbows, then her pregnancy will go smoothly and she will give birth to a magical child. Dumbfounded by this knowledge I had acquired, I decided to run with the idea of “sharing the bounty” by creating a line of jewelry that could also provide others with good fortune, health, and wellness. And for me, that meant working with chakras, numbers, and nature - all of which are prevalent and important aspects of this collection.


TBB: What are your top three favorite things you have created and why?

 MM:   Ohhhh that’s a really tough one. I can definitely say that creating the pieces I designed for the Outlander issue for Faerie Magazine (issue number 44) was definitely one of the biggest breaks I ever had as a new designer, and one of the most memorable moments in my life. The collection in of itself really pushed me past my limits and made me think more creatively outside the box. After the pieces were photographed for the magazine, and then were featured during New York City Fashion week, I really had to ask myself what direction I honestly wanted to go in as a designer. 

   The Mermaid Goddess crown especially from that collection really made me realize what I could be capable of. It was the first crown I had created that I could deem as “avant garde” and “couture”. My little artistic heart was set ablaze with inspiration after the conception of this piece, and it helped me to start coming up with future ideas about making underwater mermaid crystal crowns - something others hadn’t tried before (at least to my knowledge). 

    The jewelry I crafted for the Outlander photoshoot was actually the first time I had really worked with creating pieces that were not wire-wrapped. My Mermaid Goddess Shoulder Necklace (which can be found on Etsy) was actually based on the piece I created to match the Mermaid Goddess Crown. It made me realize the potential I had as not just a crown maker but also a legitimate jewelry designer as well. 

   And lastly, creating the wands utilized for this Faerie Magazine issue was just a heckin’ boat load of fun! Working with crystals, beads, and constructing the overall shape and look of these wands just made my little witchy heart sing. 


TBB: What message do you want to convey with your art?  

MM:  This is a question I often ask myself on the daily. And to tell you the truth, the answers change almost weekly. 

    In the beginning, I really wanted to just provide myself with an escape that could also help me to connect with likeminded individuals. It was fun to come up with ideas that others had that I could seemingly bring to life for them. I fostered my own creativity by making magic that was, not only wearable, but that meant a lot to people. 

   Today, I think on a much bigger scale. I ask myself questions like, “how can my pieces really foster change?”, “how can I utilize my influence to help generate a community based on acceptance, tolerance, and compassion?”, “how can I globally make a difference in society as a whole?”, and most importantly, “how do I stay true to my roots while also trying to take on the world?”. These questions I repeatedly ask myself remind me of my overall goals in life and in my career. And I feel like if they were to remain the same, then so to would my art and my mission with Mystic Myne.


TBB: Do you have any plans to expand your king(queen)dom? 

MM:   Oh indeed! The Kingdom has already been expanding, especially this past year alone. I can remember at the beginning of the year working on creating custom pieces and thinking to myself, “I’ve come this far, what do I want to do now?”. And bam! I thought to myself, “let’s really go couture and avant garde. Let’s REALLY continue with this already-in-motion development of Mystic Myne and continue to transform it into its own universe.” 

   That is why I will be launching my Villains Collection this Autumn, along with short stories that each of the crowns/characters are about. Because when I create a piece, I always see in my mind’s eye the character who will be wearing it. I even, when in the designing process, write down aspects of these characters and their personalities to help me decide on which elements to incorporate into these pieces.I think it must be the writer in me that has the compulsive tendency to want to build my Kingdom into a legitimate place. It’s validation that Mystic Myne is ever growing, and that the community it is comprised of thus far believes in its magic as much as I do. That’s the direction I really want to go as far as expansion is concerned. And that’s why one of my slogans for MM is “Building Queens Since 2017”. 

TBB: Where can people shop for your work? 

MM:   At the moment, I have an Etsy shop. But many of my clients also have their customs created through the process of having them DM me through Instagram and then purchasing their pieces via PayPal. I hope to one day have my jewelry be found within stores, which is actually in the works right now.

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