Welcome to The Bouncing Bunny!

The Bouncing Bunny's Story

The Bouncing Bunny is a one woman operation! I, Shannon, design and create my products, correspond with customers, pack and ship the orders, photograph the items, edit photos, and handle all social media and marketing. Phew!

So how did The Bouncing Bunny's story begin? I started by making a few simple, floral, glittered bras (nothing real fancy). Then, I listed them in my new Etsy shop and then waited to see if they would sell. It took a few months, but I eventually got my first sale and used that money to buy more craft supplies... and so it began.

Ideas kept coming to me and I didn't know how to make them happen at first. But, through trial and error, and countless hours of sketching and researching I gained new artistic skills and techniques. I learned how to do what I do today: make super sparkly, fun, colorful, and unique festival bras and accessories! I have spent tedious amounts of time developing my 'glitter technique' in order to achieve beautifully blended glitter effects and a durable sealant layer that holds the glitter in place - for minimal fall off while never dulling the sparkle.  

Over time my designs have become more complex and experimental. I am constantly competing with myself to improve my technique and expand on my ideas.

The highlight of my journey thus far was having the opportunity to work with Paris Hilton; creating her Butterfly Bras for Electric Daisy Carnival 2017. I was able to make two of my favorite designs for her and she slayed at EDC looking like a festival goddess! 💗 I again had the opportunity to work with her, creating a custom jeweled harness for her to wear at Burning Man 2017; the Dragon Tears Harness which is available made-to-order. 👍

Additionally, I have had my work featured at retail stores such as DollsKill!
In January 2018 I started making sequin body chains and throughout the year my chain design portfolio expanded many times over! I keep evolving my work to stay ahead of the curve, and to bring exciting new things to my shop on a consistent basis. 

The experience of having an my own business, being able to help my husband pay the bills, as well as have an artistic outlet is something I never thought I would achieve. Creating The Bouncing Bunny brand has brought so much happiness to my life. I hope I can continue to make beautiful things and share them with the world for a long time to come.

Thanks for reading! 

Xoxox -Shannon