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Custom Order Info

What is a "custom order," vs a "made-to-order," item? 
As it pertains to The Bouncing Bunny's operations, a made-to-order item is an established design that is simply made to your size, and if applicable, color request. They always have their own existing listing and a variety of sizes or other options you can select. Further customization to these designs make them custom orders as defined below. You can find all of my existing made-to-order designs here. 

A custom order is something that goes beyond making an item to your size. A custom order can be a new variation of an existing design, additional features that aren't included in the original design or changes to the design in general, requests for past designs that I don't offer as made-to-order, or entirely new designs!  

Custom and made to order item processing times can vary. Some items take as little as 3 weeks, others can take 6-8 weeks. February-May is my busiest time of year. Allow ample time for processing during these months. 

I do not duplicate other designers' work.

Disclaimer: Even if you come up with the idea for a custom order, I will be the one to develop final design(s), pattern(s),technology(ies) and create the item, therefore I reserve the right to recreate ANY custom order design unless otherwise contracted to create something exclusive to the client or company.

No returns, exchanges, refunds, or cancellations on custom & made-to-order items.